Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BIZZin3D Meet Up vids & pics

The 1st BIZZin3D Meet Up took place 31 may 2009 in Berlin. Around 80 people joined the Event.
The BIZZin3D has been filmed &live streamed. See the 1st raw, not yet cutted material here:

Panel I: -The Immersive Internet-

Virtual Worlds and the Transformation of Business

Von 31 May 2009 BIZZin3D Meet Up in Berlin

Clare Rees, European Marketing Director, Linden Lab /Second Life
Dr. Mirko Caspar, CMO, Metaversum / Twinity
Dick Davies, Executive Producer, Ambient Performance /Forterra
Michael Schumann (Moderator), Second Interest

Panel II: -German 3d Virtual Worlds-

Who takes the lead?

Von 31 May 2009 BIZZin3D Meet Up in Berlin

Bernhard Falch, Managing Director, Sulake Deutschland / habbo.de
Sebastian Funke, Co-Founder, sMeet Communications / sMeet
Stefan Lemper, Business Development&Finance, Cooee / Club Cooee
Markus Breuer (Moderator), The Otherland Group

Panel III: -The Supply chain-

Application Providers for Virtual Worlds

Von 31 May 2009 BIZZin3D Meet Up in Berlin

Bart Bockhoudt, CEO, Dutch Exchange
David Kaskel, CEO, Languagelab.com
Andreas Mertens, Founder& CEO, SLTalk&Partner
Pasquale Vazzana, Owner&Lead Developer, MediaLeader / Second Inventory
Clemens Fobianke (Moderator), theDOgroup

(Fast forward please,Panel starts at 45:00)

Panel IV: -The Open Grid-

Playground for geeks or ready for business solutions?

Von 31 May 2009 BIZZin3D Meet Up in Berlin

Kai Ludwig, General Manager, TalentRaspel
Christian Scholz, Co-Owner, COM.lounge
Michael Steinmetz, CTO, virtyou
Melanie Thielker, Core Developer, OpenSimulator
Jules Vos, Owner, Visibuild
Jan Northoff (Moderator), Founder&CTO, YOUin3D.com

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