Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BIZZin3D Meet Up vids & pics

The 1st BIZZin3D Meet Up took place 31 may 2009 in Berlin. Around 80 people joined the Event.
The BIZZin3D has been filmed &live streamed. See the 1st raw, not yet cutted material here:

Panel I: -The Immersive Internet-

Virtual Worlds and the Transformation of Business

Von 31 May 2009 BIZZin3D Meet Up in Berlin

Clare Rees, European Marketing Director, Linden Lab /Second Life
Dr. Mirko Caspar, CMO, Metaversum / Twinity
Dick Davies, Executive Producer, Ambient Performance /Forterra
Michael Schumann (Moderator), Second Interest

Panel II: -German 3d Virtual Worlds-

Who takes the lead?

Von 31 May 2009 BIZZin3D Meet Up in Berlin

Bernhard Falch, Managing Director, Sulake Deutschland / habbo.de
Sebastian Funke, Co-Founder, sMeet Communications / sMeet
Stefan Lemper, Business Development&Finance, Cooee / Club Cooee
Markus Breuer (Moderator), The Otherland Group

Panel III: -The Supply chain-

Application Providers for Virtual Worlds

Von 31 May 2009 BIZZin3D Meet Up in Berlin

Bart Bockhoudt, CEO, Dutch Exchange
David Kaskel, CEO, Languagelab.com
Andreas Mertens, Founder& CEO, SLTalk&Partner
Pasquale Vazzana, Owner&Lead Developer, MediaLeader / Second Inventory
Clemens Fobianke (Moderator), theDOgroup

(Fast forward please,Panel starts at 45:00)

Panel IV: -The Open Grid-

Playground for geeks or ready for business solutions?

Von 31 May 2009 BIZZin3D Meet Up in Berlin

Kai Ludwig, General Manager, TalentRaspel
Christian Scholz, Co-Owner, COM.lounge
Michael Steinmetz, CTO, virtyou
Melanie Thielker, Core Developer, OpenSimulator
Jules Vos, Owner, Visibuild
Jan Northoff (Moderator), Founder&CTO, YOUin3D.com

BIZZin3D Meet Up: reports & blogpostings

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SL Talk.de

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

General Information

What is the BIZZin3D Meet Up about?

The BIZZin3D Meet Up is a symposium under the slogan: "Let´s meet, talk & discuss about business opportunities in 3D Internet" enabling participants to represent and discuss the business potentials of virtual worlds and 3D internet.

What to expect on the BIZZin3D Meet Up?

The emphasis of the event is based on moderated discussion rounds where up-to-date trends will be discussed with experts on the field on stage. Ultimately the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Comparably to a SWOT analysis, the BIZZin3D discussions will not only deal with the potential but also analyze and discuss the weaknesses of the medium. The goal is to develop solutions for the industry and hereby add to a further acceleration of growth for the branch. The discussions will be held in English.

Discussion Panels:

Main Panel
- Clare Rees, Linden Lab, "Second Life"
- Falko Liecke, Senate Department for Economics & Technology, "Berlin 3D Google Earth"
- Dick Davies, Forterra, "Olive"
- Dr. Mirko Caspar, Metaversum, "Twinity"
Moderator: Michael Schumann, CEO Second Interest

Panel II: German 3D virtual worlds, who takes the lead?!
- Bernhard Falch, Sulake, "habbo.de"
- Sebastian Funke, sMeet, "sMeet"
- Stefan Lemper, Cooee, "Club Cooee"
- Fabien Röhlinger, Bailamo, "Bailamo"
Moderator: Markus Breuer, CEO The Otherland Group

Panel III: The supply chain: Applicaton Providers for virtual worlds
- David Kaskel, "Languagelab"
- Bart Bockhoudt, Dutch Exchange, "DX Exchange"
- Pasquale Vazzana, Medialeader S.r.l.,"Second Inventory"
- Andreas Mertens, SLTalk & Partner, "slXentral"
Moderation: Clemens Fobianke, Founder theDOgroup

Panel IV: Open Grid. Playground for geeks or ready for business solutions?!
- Melanie Thielker, OpenSimulator
- Kai Ludwig, TalentRaspel virtual worlds, "OpenSimulator-Club Grid"
- Michael Steinmetz, Virtyou.com
- Christian Scholz, COM.lounge
- Jules Vos, Visibuild, realXtend
Moderator: Jan Northoff, CTO YOUin3D.com

(Subject to alteration)

When and where will the BIZZin3D Meet Up take place?

The 1.st BIZZin3D Meet Up will take place on
Whit Sunday, May 31st 2009 in the time from 16:00- 22:00.
in the event location and auditorium LaLuz (www.laluz.de)
Oudenarder Str. 16-20, 13347 Berlin, Germany

Being the city of creativity with the highest compression of businesses and agencies within the field of virtual worlds/serious games/web 3.0 on in Germany, Berlin is the natural choice as home base for the event.

Who will be visiting the BIZZin3D Meet Up?

The BIZZin3D Meet Up is interesting for anyone dealing intensively with virtual worlds, both on a professional level (platform operators, media enterprises, application providers, agencies, consultants, journalists etc.) or on a leisure basis (user).
On the very same Whit weekend the Second Life Community Meeting 2009 will be taking place . Last year this event was attended by approximately 150 people a number which is expected to be substantially larger this year. The symbiosis of both events ensures a high number of participants at the BIZZin3D Meet Up.

Who is in charge of the BIZZin3D Meet Up?

The BIZZin3D Meet Up is organized by YOUin3D.com GmbH Berlin.
Please feel free to contact us!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Social and cultural program

There will be a break between the 2. and the 3. panel and a “come together” after the event with background music.

Lydia Gorstein (LydiaGorstein Pearl in Second Life) will play the piano.
(Pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach, Sergej Rachmaninow, Frederik Chopin and Maurice Ravel).

Lydia Gorstein was born 1983 in Moscow. She started playing piano at the special school of music in the Tchaikowski Conservatory at the age of 6. In 1992, she started her studies at the Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler" in Berlin. She played with the Berliner Symphoniker in the Berlin Philharmonic, took master classes from Barenboim and Davidovich and won several prices, including Steinway and Yamaha competitions. She holds several scholarships, including the "Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes".

The music will be streamed live to the virtual ComMeta Convention Center in Second Life.